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19.11.2017 Riga 3.CYSS TABLE TENNIS FRIENDSHIP CUP,meitenes dz.2007.g. un jaunākas Rīga LAT 0.25 Genādijs Kartuzovs, t.26043582




Dear Sirs,



We would like to inform you about “Riga 3.CYSS TABLE TENNIS FRIENDSHIP CUP” in Riga, which will be held on 19 November 2017.

It will be a great honor for us to see you and any team from your country (town, club, etc.) participating in this special event. We will do to offer you all the services food and hotel at a reasonable price (10-30 EUR).

We hope, you will accept our invitation and participate in these events.


Place of competition: Riga, Skrindu street 1 (O.Kalpaka Rīgas Tautas daiļamatu pamatskola).




  • girls and boys born 2007 and younger, at 10.30
  • girls and boys born 2005 – 2006, at 12.30
  • girls and boys born 2002 – 2004, at 15.30


Younger group participants can participate in several groups.

Foreign players and coaches will receive T-shirt (if will be a possibility then Latvian players will receive T-shirt too).



Entry fee: 6 EUR



            We are looking forward to hearing from you soon. Deadline for entries: 16.11.2017.

If you need accommodation and visa for our country please send all necessary information about your team and contact us for official invitation till 01.11.2017 or faster.


With the best friendly regards


Sincerely yours,


Genady Kartuzovs



For any future information please contact Genady Kartuzov:



Cell phone: + 371 26043582; fax: + 371 67288924

Address: Riga, Augusta Deglava street 152/III-81, LV 1021, Latvia

E-mail: and